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Encephalon's Heaven and Hell
Encephalon has its own version of Heaven and Hell, but it's pretty different than the widely accepted Christian versions. When a mortal on Encephalon dies, they will go to either Heaven or Hell based on their actions during life. "Sins" do not exist, so your afterlife depends solely on your decision making. Both exist in the Anti-Dimension, which is the single dimension that contains all of the others (sort of like a house; HOUSE : ANTI-DIMENSION :: ROOMS : DIMENSIONS), which is not easily accessible to mortals. When travelling between dimensions, a mortal is propelled through the Anti-Dimension to get to their destination. There is also a specific breed of onion that only grows in both Heaven and Hell that can bring the dead back to life.
The ruler of Hell is known as the Provider, who is a thin, nine foot tall figure wearing a long black, high collared robe, and his head is a white porcelain mask with ears and black painted eyes and lips. He holds his hands together in fr
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                                   The Night Before

I lay awake at night, wondering if there are things that can’t be explained by our human mind and our technology. Things, if we were to find them, we wouldn’t be able to comprehend anyway.

I lay awake at night, wondering if faeries and vampires and spirits are not simply the imagination of a young fearful and arrogant species, but are indeed real, and perhaps older and wiser than us, can hide really really well.

I lay awake at night, wondering if the feeling of something starting at me or the glimpses of shadows near the corners of my eyes are truly there. I hope they aren’t, but secretly I hope they are too.
                                  Lifetimes Before 1

Once in 4500 BC, the neolithic farmers witness a man made of light come down from the morning sky. The man tells them, on a whim, the secrets of their world and the secrets of other worlds.

In awe and in fear, the farmers write all of this in pictures on a large stone slab and the man made of light vanishes. It rains that night and washes away the pictures.

History is lost when it is not recorded.

The Owl feels an arrow go through him and looks down, unphased and uninjured.

Its a young girl with black hair and dark eyes he can’t discern the color of. She wields a bow and arrow made of wood. The young girl looks tired but determined, her clothing hanging big of her filthy, malnourished body.

The Owl pities her form, so when she shoots another arrow he lets the sharpened stick strike him through the chest and he falls to the ground dramatically.

She picks him up quickly.The body is still breathing, his feathers soft and clean against her dirty hands.

The Owl, still unphased and uninjured, looks into her eyes and glows an ethereal white.

Coyote was created for the song and dance, for story-telling and trickery.

He loves to hear and make his own music and stories, And he loves to share them with humanity.

He always loves it when his pranks work, whether his victims die or not in the process matters to him not. Sometimes Coyote manipulates humans to cause genocide when he’s bored. but its all in good fun so that makes it okay.

Coyote believes one should have as much fun as possible, regardless of the consequences. Maybe that’s why the other gods struck him dead, and cursed to reincarnate as a human and until he learns his lesson.

He has, thus far, reincarnated 238 times.
                                       Day 1

She hears her daughter laughing out in the yard. It’s the middle of the night. She goes outside and finds her daughter happily talking to someone that isn’t there. She feels a gust of wind and in the blink of the eye her daughter is gone.

There is a pitter patter sound all throughout his house. His dog barks furiously at his closed bedroom door. Its so cold.  

Something tells him not to get off the bed, to not move at all, but he does so anyway. The door bangs, scaring him and the dog. The door creaks open.

The man is a talented beauty, the spectators believe. Soft silver hair, sparking light blue eyes, smooth looking pale skin. The man’s skating is fluid and smooth and enchanting. Anyone who gets close to him in the ice skating rink feels a draft.

The man notices that people are looking at him, and he looks surprised. The ice rink gets colder, frost starts to appear on the walls and clothes and unprotected skin. The man smiles.

The girl is taking her morning jog when she hears a great thundering behind some hedges. The girl goes to look, parting the large bushes and comes face to face with a man covered in gashes and blood.

Before the girl could do anything she is pulled by the shirt and something marble-like is shoved down her throat.

It melts into the girl’s body, fills her organs, seeps into her skin. A bright burning sensation overflowing. The girl witnesses the man burst into blue fire before everything goes white.

The doctor is at a loss. A mass hallucination? It began just this morning, a child convulsing, sweating, screaming incoherently. It was a domino effect.

Patients of all genders and ages started suffer as the child did. The nurses and security try to restrain them but they just tear off the cuffs like paper. Medication has zero effect. It spreads throughout the entire hospital in minutes.

Once the patients start beating each other with their bare hands, once laughter echoes and bounces off the walls, does the doctor run out the hospital.

The villagers are pretty sure the giant gray disk in the sky is not suppose to be there. The villagers cant really check, but they are pretty sure its indeed there and not some delusion.

The disk starts to lower. It’s the size of the village. They, understandably, panic.

It happened in front of thousands, maybe millions, with their phones and cameras. It was world news in a matter of seconds.

The being was large and bright and had wings of light. Beautiful and terrible.

Then with a great flash they are all killed instantly.


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